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Logical Faith
Introducing a Scientific View of Spirituality and Religion

Joseph P. Provenzano
Richard W. Kropf

Science has failed to develop ethical guidelines or a path to personal fulfillment as previously expected. Religious differences continue to be a source of friction, threatening world peace. But now a new, more encompassing vision of reality—a vision that offers new ways to address these problems—is emerging.

This evolutionary view, presented by authors Joseph P. Provenzano and Richard W. Kropf, builds on the findings of modern science, but also touches on personal fulfillment and spiritual values. In our worldwide, computerized information age, we have seen an unprecedented clash of moral values, scientific pursuits, religions, spiritual movements, and cultures. Provenzano and Kropf explain how it is possible to have a religious faith consistent with the understanding of matter and energy as studied by contemporary science—logical faith.

Logical Faith: Introducing a Scientific View of Spirituality and Religion presents a clear, down-to-earth formulation of an emerging vision. Provenzano and Kropf show how their viewpoint can be used as a bridge between science and spirituality and as a base to develop a new path to tolerance among the world’s great religions and spiritual movements.

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